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KAQUN water is not average purified drinking water, as the oxygen it contains is intended to support any condition that benefits from an increased supply of oxygen to the tissues. Regular consumption of KAQUN water improves quality of life and helps the immune system function, detoxifies, refreshes, and energizes. In addition, it helps with physical and mental performance and regeneration.

I. It may support our immune system

Oxygen is a crucial element for our cells and our body. Without it, our body and cells will become less efficient to maintain optimal physical and mental condition. With KAQUN water we may support our cells with sufficient oxygen to improve our overall well-being.

II. It may decrease hypoxia

Hypoxia, also known as oxygen deficiency, is a medical term used to describe a condition in which our cells do not receive enough oxygen. Here, it is key to differentiate between the oxygen supply to the blood and the cell, as even in the case of a perfect blood oxygen supply, oxygen deficiency in the cells can occur. By consuming KAQUN water, we can enhance both our cellular and blood oxygen level

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III. It may improve performance

Several articles have investigated the importance of oxygen supply on athletes' performance, and the results all pretty much conclude that lacking oxygen not only affects sports performance but also physiological function too.

By drinking KAQUN water we could enhance performance under intense exercise since, during activity, the main fuel of our body (glycogen) is delivered to the cells by oxygen. Therefore, by improving the oxygen supply we can improve our fuel delivery mechanism for better perforce. 

IV. It may improve recovery

Better performance doesn’t just depend on the amount of work done. If our oxygen supply is inadequate, our cells will use 16 times more energy to regenerate. This process increases the production of lactic acid in the muscles, resulting in muscle pain and fatigue. By consuming KAQUN water, we can reduce lactic acid production for more effective regeneration.

V. Improve memory and mood

Research has shown that even a mild lack of oxygen can impair memory and well-being from children to the elderly. Our brain uses most of the oxygen we breathe to maintain basic functions for our survival, therefore improving our oxygen supply can enhance all brain function.