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After years of research, KAQUN has developed a revolutionary water treatment system, which is able to produce a rich and stable oxygen content water. During production, the water molecules are rebuilt to offer a new chemical bond that allows the oxygen to develop in a high and very stable form. Throughout production, no external source of oxygen is added to the water. The final product is safe, clean, easy to take, stable, and high oxygen concentration drinking water. KAQUN water is the base of all our products

We are proud to say that KAQUN Drinking Water is made in Hungary out of the highest quality spring water. KAQUN Spa’s produce the water for the bath sessions onsite.

No, all our products are free of chemicals, toxic materials, flavourings or any oxygen from an external source.

There are several milestones in history that motivated us to develop KAQUN Water. First, we all know how important is water and oxygen for life in general. Our main assumptions are based on folklore and modern medical science at the same time. Ever since the discovery of hypoxia and its effects on our health our main inspiration was to develop a product line that supports our well-being through tissue oxygenation

Oxygen is essential to all bodily functions and for our cells to generate the energy needed for a healthy cellular function. Having low oxygen levels in the human body is a condition known as “hypoxia”, which has been shown to cause poor cell function and even cell death. Currently, it is known that hypoxia is one of the main shared factors of most chronic health issues. 

According to our measurements, KAQUN water can store up to 16-18.5 mg/l of dissolved and 400-550 mmHg partial pressure of oxygen depending on its temperature. This value is 2-3 times more than in the air. 

This question is frequently asked by most people. First, it is important that although the oxygen content of KAQUN water is higher than that of air, KAQUN water was not designed to subsidize breathing. Normally, as long as the lungs are functioning properly, the oxygen we breathe in from the air binds to the haemoglobin in our blood, resulting in an optimal blood oxygen level of 96-99%. Unfortunately, the same is not true about our cells and tissues. From the blood, oxygen reaches the cells through the fluid space between the cells. Therefore, the level of oxygen in the cells is lower than it is in the blood. Furthermore, as a result of aging, physical and mental exertion, and our often-inappropriate lifestyle the level of tissue oxygen continues to decline, which affects our recovery, immune system function, energy level, and our well-being as a whole.

Yes, KAQUN is actively involved in biomedical and clinical research since 2009 to investigate the biological effects and health benefits of our products. We have made researches in various public hospitals, universities, and research institutes both in Hungary as well as overseas. Every KAQUN study has been made with the approval of Governmental Institutes. To read more about our scientific work click here.

Our studies show that the regular consumption of KAQUN water widely enhances life, strengthens the immune system, and accelerates the regeneration of the body. For more details click here.

No, we have investigated the Cytotoxicity effect of KAQUN water in HepG2 cells and KAQUN’s effect for antioxidant capacity by the OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (ENV/MC/CHEM(98)17) at the Molecular and Cell Biological Department of the National Institute of Chemical Safety and it is proven that KAQUN water has no side effects, and it is completely safe for regular consumption. It also won’t interfere with any medication.

In general, evidence suggests breathing in too much clean oxygen can rapidly strip the molecule of a single electron, creating a free radical. Our technology is special since we can optimize KAQUN water specifically to offer just enough pressure of oxygen to safely make up for the oxygen loss in our body. This is an important point because other oxygenated products may oxidize cell membranes and cause cellular damage.

Due to the high oxygen content of KAQUN water the oxygen enters the cells directly either through the skin or the esophagus under a fraction of a second. This process is based on the physical law of pressure equalization

As KAQUN Drinking Water is not a drug, so there is no need to adhere strictly to any dosing plan. However, if you wish to maximize the benefits of KAQUN water, you may follow our recommendations to ensure perfect hydration and oxygen supplementation throughout the day.

Our recommended intake is dependent on one’s physical condition, activity, and age: 

  • Adults: Drink 750ml to 1.5 liters per day in divided servings throughout the day. For those who are on a water restriction due to medical conditions, they may replace up to 70% of their daily allowable fluid quantity with KAQUN water


  • Children: At least 50% of their daily drinking water requirements over the course of a day can come from KAQUN water. For example, if your child normally drinks 4 glasses of water a day, you could replace 2 of those cups with KAQUN Drinking Water.


  • Infants: As babies rely on milk for their calories, it Is advisable to consult your pediatrician as to how much water your baby or infant should consume in addition to milk. This principle applies to any type of water


  • Pets: 30 to 50ml/kg depending on the animal’s general health and activity level over the course of a day. For example, if your pet weighs 5kg, it may consume between 150ml to 250ml of KAQUN Drinking Water over the course of a day.

Absolutely, we recommend 0,2-0,5 liter daily.

While it is perfectly fine to do that, there is no need to reach your daily water requirements solely with KAQUN Drinking Water. The recommended daily water intake for an adult is approximately 2 to 3 liter, depending on activity levels. Generally, 750ml to 1.5 liter of KAQUN water per day is sufficient for most adults. The rest of the 0,5-1,5 liter can come from other beverages.

This varies from person to person because our oxygen requirements vary according to our health status and activity levels. You may experience changes in your mood, sharpness, sleeping quality after only a few days. However, to experience the whole range of positive effects on your wellbeing, we recommend you drink 750ml to 1.5 liter of KAQUN water daily for 1-3 months. Regarding our bath sessions, studies have shown that they are the most effective after 14 days of uninterrupted sessions. We believe that throughout these 14 days, wellness and well-being will go hand in hand.


KAQUN water is highly sensitive to extreme temperature changes and sunlight. We recommend storing KAQUN Drinking Water at room temperature, in a dark, cool, and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Heat and prolonged exposure of KAQUN Drinking Water to direct sunlight may affect the quality of the water.

The best before the label can be found on the neck of each bottle ( Please always refer to the bottle for the best before date.

We do not recommend heating, boiling, and microwaving KAQUN Drinking Water since it may cause it to lose its oxygen content. Based on physical laws the higher the temperature is, the greater the loss of oxygen. KAQUN is best between 1-38 degrees Celsius. 

Yes, KAQUN Drinking Water can be served chilled.

Yes, you may add beverage mixes into KAQUN Drinking Water as long as the water is not heated up.

Once opened, we recommend that you consume the entire bottle of KAQUN Drinking Water within days for maximum effectiveness. A left open bottle of KAQUN Drinking Water is able to retain its oxygen content for up to 3 days if stored in a cool place.


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