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Inside Our Products

the core idea

Oxygen is undeniably one of the most important elements for every cell in our body. Without it, our cells cannot make much energy and their metabolism becomes less effective. In cell biology, Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine and biology, Otto Heinrich Warburg, discovered that no illness can survive in the presence of high oxygen levels.

we are different

While oxygen therapies do exist, KAQUN presents a unique form of oxygen transportation that focuses on our bodies capability to equalise the low oxygen pressure in our tissues with the high oxygen content of KAQUN products. 

The result: we are able to deliver oxygen to 32 trillion cells without side effects

Inside our products

The revolutionary technology behind KAQUN Water (KAQUN SYSTEM®) allows a high level of oxygen to exist in a unique, stable and bound form that promotes rapid absorption in the body.

Regular consumption of KAQUN Water may help restore the body’s natural balance and improve our overall well-being. KAQUN water is clinically proven to be safe, while it does not interfere or interact with any medication.

Transparency First

Drinking water

Our drinking water is made from the spring water of the Bükk Mountains in Hungary. During the first stage of the production, the water undergoes a purification process. After purification, the water enters the KAQUN SYSTEM®, which develops the highly bound oxygen molecule structure. The result is a stable and high oxygen concentration purified drinking water with an optimized pH value of 7.1-7.4 and a mineral content of 180-220mg/l. KAQUN water is clean, safe, and easy to consume on a daily basis.


The KAQUN bathwater is produced with similar technology as our drinking water, however, it offers a more intensive oxygen-replenishment regimen and a total wellness experience. Each 50-minute KAQUN Bath Session delivers a positive, relaxing effect on the body, while it also enhances our tissue oxygen level.

For optimal results, we recommend that you start drinking KAQUN Drinking Water for at least a week before starting your KAQUN Bath Sessions so that your tissues can gradually adjust to the higher oxygen content.


KAQUN water is the base of our cosmetics. To develop our own water-based cosmetics line, we have decided to partner with the highest quality manufacturers and suppliers to offer a well-balanced and all-natural product for your daily skin care routine. 


Our herbal extract contains a carefully selected, gently processed mixture of natural herbs. These herbs have already been used with preference in folk medicine, but this time they are prepared by natural fermentation to enhance their effectiveness.

It is free of sugar, alcohol, and preservatives!