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With the help of our advanced water production facility, we combine pure and natural ingredients with molecular science to enhance the true power of nature.

After relentless research, combined experience, and trial and error, we have created our remarkably hydrating skincare collection.

Each ingredient and formula has been developed methodically and thoughtfully to the highest standard. To ensure the highest quality, our products are made from raw materials provided by controlled suppliers, thus guaranteeing the greatest possible transparency, traceability and integrity.

Our Skin and Oxygen

During aging, our tissues lose their ability to efficiently utilize and absorb oxygen, thereby impairing cell and epithelial renewal processes. The elastic fibers disintegrate and new ones no longer form. The elastin protein, responsible for the elasticity and tone of the skin, becomes stiff and unpleasant.

The formation of epithelial tissues, melanin, elastin or the proper function of the glands are just some of the processes taking place in the skin that require oxygen. Healthy oxygen levels in the tissues significantly help in the repair and regeneration of skin cells and create conditions for the growth of new skin cells.

The secret of a healthy skin

The unique oxygen clusters in KAQUN Natural Gel easily penetrates the skin surface and enters the deep tissue layers for maximum hydration. In the first phase, it supplies the cells with oxygen, then moisturizes, fills and strengthens the skin barrier for hours.

KAQUN Natural Gel will help to strengthen & repair your skin barrier, hydrate & plump the skin. Made with a minimalist formula with only natural ingredients, safe and effective for all skin types.


  • Makes skin more resistant to visible signs of aging and other exposome factors (UV, pollution, stress)
  • Moisturizes, fills, strengthens the skin barrier
  • Helps strengthen the skin's resilience
  • The skin will be hydrated day by day, radiant with freshness, refreshed
  • Gives the skin a light weight texture
  • Easy to apply and quickly absorbs



  • Stimulates skin cell renewal
  • Helps fade liver spots and circles under the eyes
  • Supports the circulation and oxygen supply in the deeper layers of the skin
  • Gold particles are able to bind 200 to 300 times their weight of oxygen
  • Gold particles can increase collagen and elastin production, thereby inhibiting wrinkles
  • The combination of KAQUN water, 24-carat gold and natural active ingredients protects skin tissues more intensively from aging and loss of elasticity
  • Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic
  • Allergen free
  • Recommended for all skin types

Core Ingredient

The core ingredient is our hyper-oxygenated water made in the Bükk Mountains in Hungary. Our clinically tested water is 90% of this natural skin care product. Water is clinically tested to strengthen the skin barrier and protect it from exposome to factors such as UV rays and pollution.


Amino Acids & Vitamins

Our natural gel contains additional ingredients such as amino acids and vitamin B3-B5 to further enhance its hydrating effect and provide sufficient nutrients for the skin.