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Made from living to the living! The KAQUN Drops are a new innovation made according to a unique recipe, with a unique process, called fermentation, that aims to restore healthy digestion to initiates the body’s regeneration processes.

KAQUN Drops is made according to a unique recipe, with a unique process, which is why we can call it ‘unique’. By some people, it is often called “revolutionary”. However, its benefits are not some kind of miracle, but the healthy digestion restored by the drops, which initiates the body’s regeneration processes.

All ingredients are carefully selected herbs, prepared by natural fermentation.

Amount of herbal mixture extract: 70 mg / 10 drops


KAQUN Drops are made with the cooperation of a Hungarian producer and supplier. 

Short-term effects - (from day 1 to day 30)

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Microbiome rebuilding begins
  • Digestion is easier

Middle-term effects (after 1 month)

  • Activates the Immune System
  • Reduces Allergic Symptoms
  • Reduces lethargy and chronic tiredness

Long-term effects (after 3 months)

  • Supports a healthy microbiome function 
  • Makes the Immune system stronger and more active
  • Supports healthy weight management

KAQUN Drops directly supports the digestion of food and nutrients. By restoring the balance of the microbiome, the drops reduce the fatigue caused by digestion, contribute to excellent fiber digestion and healthy bowel movements, as a result of which the stool will be healthy while bloating and cramps will be relieved. We recommend KAQUN Drops for people struggling with regeneration, energy level, concentration or sleeping quality. 

Both the herbs used in KAQUN Drops, and the fermentation are 100% natural processes. Therefore, there are no yet experienced side effects of using KAQUN drops on a daily basis.

We recommend KAQUN Drops to be consumed in the long run, on a daily basis. There is no need to worry about overdose or side effects, so the dosage can be changed based on desired and progression. After 3 months our drops will support balancing digestion and the exploration, absorption and utilization of nutrients. 

Dosage is mainly tailored to body weight and individual taste, but in general, we recommend:

  • 5-8 drops daily for children 
  • 12-15 drops daily for active people
  • 8-12 drops for the elderly 

For best results, we recommend taking our Drops with KAQUN water.

KAQUN Drops is a dietary supplement that supports the balance of the digestive system but does not subsidize a healthy diet, exercise or medical treatment for acute inflammation and pathological disorders.


KAQUN is an absolute unique development in water chemistry. During production the water molecules are rebuilt to offer a new chemical bond that traps the oxygen in high and very stable form inside the water itself. Throughout production no external source of oxygen is added to the water. The final product is a safe, clean, easy to take, stable and high oxygen concentration drinking water. KAQUN water is the base of all our products. 

We are proud to say that KAQUN drinking water is made in Hungary out of from spring water, while KAQUN Spa’s produce the bath water after filtering the local pipeline water. This version of KAQUN water is specifically made for soaking. In addition, our drinking water is a milder form of the KAQUN water made for daily consumption.

No, all our products are free of chemicals, toxic materials, addible, flavourings  or any oxygen from external source. 

There were several milestones that motivated us to develop KAQUN water. First, we all know how important water and oxygen is to maintain life in general. Our vison is  based on both folklore and modern medical science at the same time. Ever since the discovery of hypoxia and its effects on our health our main inspiration was to develop a product line that supports our well-being through tissue oxygenation. 

Hypoxia is physical condition, in which our body does not have enough oxygen to maintain an optimal cellular function. Currently it is known that hypoxia is one of the main shared factors of most chronical health issues. To read more about hypoxia click here.

According to the measurements, KAQUN water can store up to 15-18 mg/l of dissolved and 400-550 mmHg partial pressure of oxygen, which is 2-3 times more than in air. 

This is the most frequently asked question. First, it is important that although the oxygen content of KAQUN water is higher than that of air, the consumption of KAQUN water is not a substitute for air intake. Normally, as long as the lungs are functioning properly, the oxygen we breathe in from the air binds to the hemoglobin in our blood, resulting in an optimal blood oxygen level of 96-98%. Unfortunately, the same is not true about our cells and tissues. From the blood, oxygen reaches the cells through the fluid space between the cells. Therefore, the level of oxygen in the cells is lower than it is in the blood. Furthermore, as a result of aging, physical and mental exertion, and our often-inappropriate lifestyle the level of tissue oxygen continue to decline, which effects our recovery, immune system function, energy level and our well-being as well.


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